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Weekly Routine

Monday – Friday am

There is a combination of child-initiated activities and adult initiated activities in three areas. Each area has an inside and an outside space. Children are in 3 groups and spend some time in each area. Morning Session activities include play and the development of basic skills based around a weekly topic.

Every child has a star against their name once a week and will receive ‘one to one’ attention in this session. They also have a key worker. The staff will safeguard and promote the welfare of children and teach children about keeping safe in all sessions. The detail about how this is done is outlined in our policies.

They will be given books and activity sheets to take home in a book bag and will choose their own book as well.


Monday – Friday pm

Afternoon activities are designed to be creative, enjoyable and inspirational. There is child initiated activity and free play around a planned activity. The planned activity has a different theme on each afternoon of the week including:

Monday pm: Dance - ballet inspired movement in a local hall with music from the Royal School of  Ballet

Tuesday pm: Languages - French, Spanish and Makaton - one language per term with greetings, songs and videos

Wednesday pm: Music - singing using the Kodaly approach, percussion and violin

Thursday pm: Cooking - baking cookies and cakes to take home

Friday: Outdoor activities - forest school inspired activities including exploring the local outdoor environment, a walk and food round a bonfire


The weekly routine gives children access to a wide range of learning experiences which enrich their development and help children progress toward the early learning goals. The  access to different outside spaces is especially valuable for building confidence and independence. Child initiated and adult initiated activities are well balanced in all sessions. Short times of focused learning alternate with longer times of free play.

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